JENSi Features

Let JENSi run your agency.

Stop subscription fees from stacking up.

Everything is connected in one, affordable place.

CRM Functionality

Your CRM system should be SIMPLE. Why overcomplicate it?

Nobody needs overly complex software. This is why JENSi has a simple customer relationship management function (CRM) that is everything you need to run a strong sales process for your agency. Build beautiful forms for your website and let the leads roll right in. Also, you can customize your own sales funnel.


Proposal Builder

Build clean, digital proposals for your prospects in mere minutes.

Create clean, professional proposals right within JENSi, and send them to your prospects. You can track proposal activity, and your customers can accept or decline the proposals electronically. Easily turn a proposal right into a project in the same app.


Project Management Functionality

Love managing projects again with JENSi’s built-in PM system.

When a proposal is accepted, it’s easier than ever to create a project in the same system with tasks, assignees, due dates, and more. Streamline your entire project lifecycle through JENSi, and see historical and active proposals right in your customer profiles.


Unlimited time tracking accounts

Scale your agency with unlimited time tracking accounts.

With JENSi, everything is connected. Have your team track time to project budgets right in the system. Enjoy unlimited time tracking accounts so you can scale your agency up without generating more monthly subscription costs. It’s just that easy.


Invoicing is built right in.

Send invoices and collect payments right in JENSi.

Complete your workflow by sending invoices directly to your customers from JENSi. The QuickBooks integration is great because you can create invoices directly in the system and have them flow over to QuickBooks for seamless bookkeeping.