Build professional proposals in short order. Customize them with your agency logo and colors.

Some folks love building proposals, and some don’t. We wanted to build something that would simplify the proposal creation process for everyone. This allowed us to get our proposals out faster, close more deals, and save loads of time.

Proposal Builder


Track proposal activity—see when your potentials and clients are opening them.

We know it sounds kind of “big brother,” but tracking proposal activity can be extremely helpful. This can trigger you to reach out and see if the customer or prospect has any questions, but it also allows you to track your deals more closely.

Proposal Activity Tracking


Report on your success. Get an idea of your closure rate so you can make sure it is healthy.

Profit margins. Sales cycles. Closure rates. It’s a lot to take in when you’re trying to run an agency. Enjoy JENSi’s simple reports so you can understand your closure rate and the average length of time it takes to make a deal go down.