Track time to a project budget. Find out how much budget you have left with superior ease.

JENSi’s connected nature is what makes it so special. Use the time tracking function to track time to your predicted budgets. Since each task has an assigned rate, you’ll know if you’ve stayed under budget, gone over budget, or hit it right on the dime.

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For every admin account in JENSi, you get unlimited time trackers. Have a party!

Some agencies have in-house teams, some have 1099 contractors, and some have a mix of both. With our system, you can invite an unlimited number of people into your system to track time to project budgets. Scaling up is easy with JENSi.

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Use the tracked time to create invoices. Give clients access to their own personalized dashboard.

Tracking time is crucial for any service-based business. If you’re not tracking time, you’ll never know what your margins are. This will help you make strong business moves. Plus, you can invite your clients to their own invoice dashboard.

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